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Our primary focus lies in meticulous finish trim
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Custom Closets and Shelving

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About Us

Steve Nordfors

At the helm of Nordfors Construction LLC, Steve Nordfors stands as a paragon of finish carpentry, with an impressive 28-year tenure refining the art of wood trim work in both residential and commercial spaces. As the driving force behind the company, Steve’s dedication to excellence and precision craftsmanship has made Nordfors Construction a distinguished name in the construction industry.

Beginning his journey in the world of finish carpentry nearly three decades ago, Steve quickly distinguished himself through his meticulous attention to detail and his profound understanding of the intricate nature of woodwork. His expertise encompasses a vast array of projects, from elegant trims in cozy homes to sophisticated installations in grand commercial settings.

Nordfors Construction, under Steve’s seasoned guidance, is not just about constructing spaces; it’s about crafting experiences. Each project undertaken is a testament to Steve’s commitment to quality and functionality, blending aesthetic elegance with enduring quality.

Steve’s approach to every project is hands-on, ensuring that the unique vision of each client is brought to life with precision and care. His deep-rooted belief in ‘quality over quantity’ resonates in every aspect of his work, setting Nordfors Construction apart as a leader in residential and commercial wood trim work.

For those in search of unparalleled skill in finish carpentry, Steve Nordfors and Nordfors Construction LLC represent the pinnacle of craftsmanship and reliability, turning each client’s vision into a tangible, beautiful reality.


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